Barefoot® PRO Cherokee


SKU: PRO-CKE-1-01-02
Barefoot® PRO - for an even better riding experience!
  • All-purpose saddle, ideal for trail or cross-country riding.
  • with PRO seat for a narrower fit.
  • robust, open-pored cattle leather, dirt-repellent
  • close to the horse and comfortable seat feeling
  • with wide stirrup attachment (5cm)
  • soft padded velcro knee rolls
The new PRO seat makes the rider sit narrower and helps to achieve a more upright, hip-friendly seat.
Multi-purpose, horse-friendly saddle model in a great colour combination with a lot of loving attention to detail. Made of robust, open-pored cowhide leather, which is dirt-repellent and surface-treated.
The Cherokee is the perfect choice for trail rides. It is equipped with 8 D-rings, leather conchas and leather straps for attaching the saddle pad and bags.
In the Barefoot saddle you feel the work of your horse's muscles and movements of the back, so it builds the basis for fine riding.
The stirrup attachment (5 cm) can be freely positioned between the seat and the saddle. This allows you to adjust this saddle individually to your seat and body measurements.
The Velcro-positionable knee rolls are also equipped with the AirPump system, which allows air to circulate, so that the knee rolls adapt softly to the contours of your legs.
The changeable pommel (supplied in the medium size) is replaceable, as with all Barefoot saddles.
- flexible in all 3 dimensions (X,Y,Z)
- no pressure and therefore no restriction of muscle development
- with VPS® System
- flexible V-girthing
- AirPump system
- Velcro knee rolls
- freely positionable safety stirrup attachment (5 cm)
- comfortable seat close to the horse
- dense woven fur underside
- 8 D-rings and conchos with leather straps for attaching saddle pad and saddle bags

Colour: brown/black with horse head
Sizes: 1, 2
Delivery includes saddle protection cover.

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