Barefoot® Physio Cushion



Barefoot® Physio Cushion

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  • for saddle adaption
  • could be padded
  • with velcro
  • Slip-proof underside with sympanova
  • with real sheep-wool
The Physio Cushion with optional extra padding can either be placed under a normal saddle pad or used in place of the under layer of the Physio saddle pad system (for example when one single saddle is used on several horses of different stature).
It is anatomically tailored from high-quality microfibre with less material around the leg area, allowing closer contact with the horse. The front and rear pockets have Velcro fastenings to allow easy removal or replacing with additional padding. This variable padding system means the saddle can be adapted exactly to the horse’s body shape.
The non-slip Sympanova underside holds the saddle firmly in place, even on sturdy horses.
The rear sheepskin section absorbs movement and avoids direct friction between the saddle and the horse’s back. We recommend either sewing or gluing the separate Velcro tape (included in delivery) to your conventional saddle pad to prevent the cushion from slipping.
Padding not included. Not available with heavy duty padding.
Size M (overall length = 60 cms). Fits our Cheyenne, Cherokee, London, Lexington, Barrydale, Notting Hill and JustAdjust models.
Size L (overall  length = 64 cms). Fits our Arizona, Atlanta, Nevada, Madrid, Missoula and Virginia models.
Colour: Black
The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS

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