Barefoot® Noseband for Hackamore



Barefoot® Noseband for Hackamore

  • Noseband for Hackamores or BBB®
  • Flexible, padded leather
  • Anatomical shape distributes pressure on bridge of nose
  • Various designs

Virginia is out of stock until November 2021

Our noseband for the Barefoot Bitless Bit or other hackamores is anatomically shaped and therefore distributes pressure on the bridge of the nose. Due to its shape the noseband is also significantly more stable.
Noseband is made from fine Nubuck Leather or English Leather, known for its robust yet flexible qualities. For the comfort of the horse the inside of the noseband also has a soft leather covered padding.
The noseband is available in three colours and designs:
Black: English Leather with imprinted RWC Logo and square buckles
Brown: Tooled Nubuck Leather with imprinted Barefoot feather logo and round buckles
Light-Oiled: Tooled Nubuck leather with imprinted Barefoot feather logo and round buckles
Length: adjustable from 27-30cm

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