Barefoot® Narrow Leather Fenders


SKU: FE-NA-1/2-01

Barefoot® Narrow Leather Fenders

  • narrow western fenders
  • incl. hobble straps
  • useable for saddle with narrow stirrup attachment
  • buckle down
Made of smooth durable leather.
The buckles on these fenders are on the bottom to avoid bulk under the inner thighs. The narrow fenders are a good alternative to English leathers. These fenders are well suited if you want to ride without chaps or boots since they don't pinch your lower leg.
    • No buckle pressure on the horse's back
    • Easy adjustment from the saddle
    • Nylon backing
      All our western stirrups will fit these fenders.
      Available per pair with hobble straps.
      Length adjustable from 48 to 70 cm.
      Please note that these are not always in stock and can take between 2-4 weeks to arrive. 
        The entire Barefoot range can be ordered through TWS

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