Barefoot® Leather Shampoo Cleaner 500ml



Barefoot® Leather Shampoo 500ml

Barefoot® saddles are made of nubuck or soft leather. Nubuck leather has been sanded on the grainy side which gives it its peach skin like character. Our soft leather has a smooth, soft surface which is very pliable and makes you feel like you sit like on a cloud.
Both leather qualities are open pore and therefore very flexible and pliable which enables the saddle to adjust to the horse's back without compromising stability, comfort and quality.
One should not use grease or waxes to clean nubuck or soft leather as this will clog the pores of these leathers.  We highly recommend our leather care products.
It removes dirt and sweat thoroughly. Easy to use, spray on,  rub in lightly and wipe off surplus.  Spray bottle 500ml.

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