Barefoot® 'Contour Physio' Bridle - Size 0 - Brown/Hazelnut

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  • anatomically shaped Contour headpiece (patented)
  • exact fit to horse's head
  • precise aids through perfect fit
  • no slipping towards horse's eye
  • many uses
Barefoot® - Designed FOR Horses!

The solution: Not only for sensitive horses! For all styles of riding and lunging.

The Barefoot® 'Contour Physio' bridle can be precisely fitted to the horse's head as it is of a totally different design to traditional bridles.
A. The Contour poll area is shaped forward so that no pressure is applied to the sensitive area behind the ears where a nerve trunk attaches to the occipital bone.
The headpiece is softly padded and curved around the horse's ears - the ears have room, the headpiece nestles softly.

B. The cheek pieces and throat lash are thought through and fitted to the horse's head in a different way. The cheek pieces fork out, this y-shape prevents slipping: the horse's eye stays free! The bridle can be precisely fitted to the horse's head and stays in place.

The Barefoot® 'Contour Physio' bridle has many uses:
1. with Barefoot® 'Shape-It' noseband or Cavesson for bitless riding or lunging
2. with Barefoot® 'Shape-It' noseband or Cavesson + bit straps for riding and lunging with bit.
3. with hackamore or bosal
4. with bit (simply attach bit to the left and right)
5. ...many more possibilities
0 (Pony): length adjustable from 84 -96 cm, browband 41cm

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