Barefoot® Bosal


SKU: BOSAL-00/02

Barefoot® Bosal

  • Braiding with rawhide and rawhide core
  • Used in conjunction with a mecate
  • One size
With genuine rawhide and rawhide core
The Barefoot® Bosal impresses with its excellent quality and excellent pricing!
It has a core made of rawhide with real leather and is braided with genuine rawhide. The bosal is used in conjunction with a mecate (which will be your reins).
It is easily adjustable through the left and right cheek pieces of the 'hanger' (the head piece) and the bosal replaces the noseband as a type of hackamore for the more advanced horses for precision, mental collection and unity.
It affects mainly the nose and in combination with the mecate on the neck (neck-reining), and encourages the horse to keep his nose centered within the bosal ring.
• rawhide core
• braiding with rawhide
• flexible
• traditional bitless alternative
Calibre: 12cm, 2cm

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