Amazonas French Chain Cavesson



Amazonas French Chain Cavesson

Classical Baroque Cavesson with Flexible noseband and Three Rings

New improved Amazonas French chain cavesson for academic riding arts, horse riding, lunging and work from the ground. The Amazonas French chain cavesson is now more padded over the bridge of the nose and the rings on the side protected by leather over the horse’s jaw.

This cavesson is one of the nicest on the market. The leather is soft and of very good quality. The chain is well-padded so as to not cause rubbing or pain to the horse’s nose. These are a well-constructed cavesson, which is one of the most comfortable for the horse to wear.

Nice and lightweight cavesson for lunging and riding. The cavesson is used all over the world today for training and riding horses. This particular cavesson is made of fine and soft leather and the soft chain over the nose is covered in soft leather for protection of the nose of the horses.

The cavesson is fine for working the horse from the ground also, and enables fine aids. The cavessons is not suited for headstrong or dangerous horses – then we recommend one of our stronger cavessons.

This cavesson is a professional tool, not only for the work from the ground and lunging, but can be used for riding.

Instead of a bulky nose shackle it has a special linked chain, which is covered by high-quality leather, making it highly flexible. Due to this, the cavesson is able to adjust to nearly every profile without losing any of its effectiveness. This cavesson is more “gentle” than the Spanish Serreta and so it is easier to handle, even for less experienced riders.

This cavesson is available in black and natural leather:

  • black with stainless steel fittings and rings
  • black with brass fittings and black rings
  • brown with brass fittings and black rings
  • natural with brass fittings and black rings

It is available in either cob or full size. It is also available in draft size (special order).

These types of cavessons are used for classical groundwork and riding, Marijke de Jong work, Oliver Hilfiger work, Bent Branderup, among others.

TWS also sells matching reins which are a little longer than standard reins to facilitate groundwork movements. You can find them here.

The full size cavesson fit many different sizes of horses heads from Icelandics to Spanish Normans.  Cob sizes fit the smaller pony to cob sized heads. Full sized fit the cob to draft sizes. They are very adjustable!

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