Amazonas Elizabeth K2 (DP Orleans) Leather Treed Saddle

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Amazonas Elizabeth K2 (DP Orleans) Leather Treed Saddle

This saddle is made Deuber & Partners by classic riders for classic riders. This is a saddle that is suitable for all types of riding. Inspired by the old French saddles. Made of vegetable tanned leather and stuffed with wool, it remains soft and comfortable, even in freezing weather – unlike foam and latex, commonly used in many saddles at the moment.

The Orléans saddle model is a saddle that is well suited for everyday work due to its simplicity. Pre-shaped saddle panels avoid the annoying "riding in" of the saddle. It is very well suited for classical dressage work. The Orleans has an extra narrow seat structure,The small gallery at the back allows the rider more freedom of movement.

The saddle panels of this very short model are kept very flat for even closer contact with the horse. The saddle is optically smaller and more delicate than other Deuber saddles. The short cushions with a length of only approx. 52 cm are particularly suitable for Icelandic horses or other short-backed horses.This saddle is recommended (with the leather tree and a low filling in the panels), as this brings you closer to the horse, and is especially suitable for short-backed and strong horses. 

Saddle comes with 2 extra galleries for the front. This saddle is a barely used ex-demo saddle.

Sheepskin saddle cover for this saddle available here.

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