AK Saddlery Model 200 Base


SKU: AK200

AK Saddlery Model 200 Base

Show saddle with Square Skirts.

  • All AK Saddles can be supplied with a wide range of tree shapes to fit horses, ponies, mules & donkeys.
  • Western Saddle Custom Made – design your dream saddle yourself.
  • TWS is the sole UK Importer of AK Saddles.
  • Includes twisted fenders.
  • Stirrups are not included in the basic price.

Tree: AK-Flex tree is available in two differing degrees of flex – one for heavier riders and one for lighter riders.


Seat size: 15″- 17″

Colour: light oil, dark oil, chestnut, black

Length: 62 to 78 cm

During manufacture the trees can be custom-made to fit the horse. Trees can be made longer or shorter; they can be made to have more rock or less rock; they can be made with more or less flair; they can be made more or less flexible. 

Delivery time (depending on customisation required) 2-6 weeks.

Please note that the saddles shown do NOT correspond to the basic model. These saddles are specially designed according to individual clients wishes. The price shown is the base price.

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