Here you can find the choices available for the Equiflex Saddles.

  • Please click HERE to see the list of Equiflex saddle models you can choose from.

Please choose from the following saddle colours and leathers. You can also choose an extra dark chocolate but this will add 0.5-1kg on the weight due to the extra oiling needed.

US Standard weight leather is the normal leather quality and weight for an Equiflex saddle. It is recommended for working saddles:

Equiflex US Leather Saddle Colours


Ladies Lightweight Leather is the no extra cost, lighter option that reduces the overall saddle weight by 1-2kg depending on saddle design. It is recommended for leisure riders, whereas standard leather is recommended for working saddles:

Ladies Lightweight Leather Saddle Colours

Pullman Quality Leather Saddle Colours. Please add £460.00 extra if you choose Pullman quality leather for an Equiflex saddle:

Pullman Quality Leather Saddle Colours

Light Antique Finish costs extra £349.00:

Light Antique Finish

Rich Antique Finish costs extra £349.00:

Rich Antique Finish

 More examples of the saddle colours:


Please choose the seat colour from the following nubuck or leather seat colours. All these colours are included in the saddle price.

Nubuck Seat Options:

Equiflex Leather Seat Colours

Leather Seat Options:

Equiflex Leather Seat Colours


Equiflex Leather Seat Colours
Equiflex Leather Seat Colours

Equiflex Seat Leather Colours

Equiflex Seat Colours


If there is a particular seat colour you would like and it is not shown here, do ask as they can often source other colours for additional cost.
Latigo and string colours:


Horn wrap colours (for Buckaroo


Basket Tooling Options

New geometric tooling options:

Geometric tooling options

Mini & Special Basket Tooling:

Equiflex Basket Tooling Options - Special & Mini

Medium Basket Tooling:

Equiflex Basket Tooling Options - Medium

Border Tooling Options

Border Tooling Options 4201:

Border Tooling Options 4201

Border 'Special' Tooling Options 4202:

Border Tooling Special 4202


Border 'Extra Special' Tooling Options 4207:

Border tooling 4207 Extra Special


Concho Options:

Concho Options

Stirrup Options

Equiflex Leather Stirrups:

Equiflex Aluminium Stirrups:

Equiflex Aluminium Stirrups

 Equiflex Wooden Stirrups:

Equiflex Wooden Stirrups

Equiflex Buckaroo Stirrups:

Equiflex Buckaroo Stirrups

Equiflex Metal Buckaroo Stirrups:

Equiflex Metal Buckaroo Stirrups

Fender options (for information if asked):

Further questions:
  • Do you want the fenders twisted costing an extra £80.00?
  • Do you want the fenders twisted and wrapped? Costs an extra £150.00 but means your stirrups hang perfectly for you to slide your feet in.
  • What is your inside leg length in cm? If there are any other riders, please give their inside leg measurements too. If the fenders need to be made shorter, or longer, than standard, then there is a charge of £90.00.
  • Do you want strings? If so, which conchos do you want the strings attached to (front, middle, rear, or all of them)? Strings cost £109.00 for a set of six.
  • Do you want black or burgundy latigo and strings?
  • Tree alterations incur extra cost and will be included in the quote unless otherwise indicated.
  • Shipping from Germany costs £90.00 including customs duty. 
  • Insured postage from TWS to the client costs £150.00, but clients are welcome to collect their saddle from Ringwood, Hampshire.

The Mattes Pad system is vital to how we fit saddles to last long term, as we fit wider to allow for seasonal and work changes. These pads last a long time when cared for, and although expensive, are much cheaper than changing your saddle again.

 The breastcollar is a piece of safety equipment and so ideally one should buy the best quality one can afford.

The Mattes cinches are integral to your horse’s comfort. They are not cheap and need careful measuring to ensure the correct size and shape for your horse.

  • Please let me know if you have a cinch you can use temporarily when the saddle arrives (either your own or borrowed). This will help me determine which size Mattes cinch your horse requires. Then the correct shape and sized cinch can be ordered. The video to help demonstrate cinch measuring is to be found here: to follow.
  • Meanwhile, please choose the colours you would like your cinch to be
  • I will advise which style of cinch and size of centre panel for your order.

I think that is it. Once you know what you want I will either get a quote or get the order in.

Many thanks,

Maria ☺