Arctic Horse Sizing Chart

To find your size in the Arctic Horse Size Chart below, you must measure yourself before you order and choose your size based on your tape measurement (inches), preferably over the clothes you like to ride and work in.

Watch this video for step by step instructions on how to measure for your All Weather Riding Skirt:

If you don't have a soft measuring tape, you can STILL measure yourself at home... with some baling twine (I KNOW you have baling twine)... {Watch the video to see how}

Do not order by your standard pant size. You might be a 4 in one store, and a 6 in another. Measure, measure, measure! Every skirt is custom made to order, please help us keep our small-business costs down by taking the time to measure yourself and order the correct size :)

A couple of things to consider when choosing your size and length:

  • These skirts are worn over your jeans/breeches. There is a built-in 2" stretch in the waistband (see the waist sizes below), however, you still want to measure over your riding/work clothes to get the best estimate of what size you'll need.
  • You may want to order one size larger for the Backcountry Skirt. The Backcountry material does not stretch, consider ordering a size up from what you measure. The Rain Skirts/Arctic Skirts are a bit stretchy, so they'll give you a little wiggle room if you need it. For example, several customers are an XS in the Tongass Rain, but needed a Small in the Backcountry.
  • Will you tuck your coat into the waistband or leave it out? Depending on how thick your coat is, your preference could change the size of skirt you need.
  • For the length of long skirts: You want the skirt to fall at the top of your ankle bone. To find this length, measure from the spot where you want the waistband to sit, down to your ankle bone. We have three standard lengths to choose from (Petite 34" recommended for heights up to 5'4, Regular 36" recommended for heights 5'5-5'7, and Tall 38" recommended for heights 5'8"+). Always measure yourself.
  • If you find that you need a skirt of a different length, just put that length in the text box at checkout.
  • Don't choose length based on your pant inseam measurement. Inseam is the inside of your leg, the skirt goes from your waist/hips area down the length of the outside of your leg.

If your size isn't on this chart, we can still make you a skirt. We hand make every single skirt, so everything we do is customizable. Shoot us an email ( with your measurements, and which skirt you want, and we'll get one ordered for you.

Arctic Horse Size Chart