Barefoot® 'Amber' Bridle 2-in-1



Barefoot® 'Amber' Bridle 2-in-1

*Please note this item is currently out of stock*

  • Bitless bridle with sidepull
  • easy using with bit
  • flexible brazilian leather
  • hand-braided mountain rope
  • matching closed loop reins here
  • matching split reins here
  • matching lead and tie rope here
  • matching neck tie here
Bitless bridle, comfortable side-pull/head stall with removable nose piece, can also be used as a regular bridle with bit.
The head stall is adjustable on both sides, double stitched and comes with engraved chicago screws. Also included is a curb strap and two horse hair tassles.
The side-pull noseband is braided and reinforced with a firmer core; the throat latch is also braided round and can be tied to a knot. The browband has a flat braiding.
• 2 in 1; bitless bridle with sidepull action or use with bit of your choice
• Hand braided mountain rope
• Flexible, Brazilian leather
• Matching accessories available
Tip 1: To use the bridle with bit, just open the Chicago screws, take the side pull (nose ring) off and put in your bit instead.
Tip 2: Some insurances refuse to be liable when a bitless bridle is in use. Please check with your insurance before using the bitless variation.

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