Barefoot® 'Acorn' Bridle 2-in-1 with Genuine Rawhide



Barefoot® 'Acorn' Bridle 2-in-1 with Genuine Rawhide

Currently Out of Stock until end of September 2021

  • horse-friendly sidepull
  • easy changing to a bit with quick-change snaps
  • soft Nubuck leather with rawhide wrapping
  • matching reins available
High quality finished, horse-friendly Sidepull made of soft, supple Nubuck Leather with genuine rawhide nose- and browband. The Sidepull (noseband) can easily be removed via quick-change snaps and can also easily be fitted with a bit.
Switch with ease, without bit - with bit - it only takes seconds!
Eye-catching two-colour genuine rawhide decorations on brow- and noseband. The headpiece is particularly softly patted. The padding is covered with genuine soft leather.
Headpiece is adjustable on both sides with attractive stitching.
The throat lash and matching reins are made of braided, chocolate brown rope.
• bitless or bitted within seconds
• quick-change ends
• headpiece extra soft and padded
• with genuine rawhide
• matching reins available
Sizes: 1 (Cob) and 2 (Full)

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