Stable & Barn - Small Grooming Box



Stable & Barn - Small Grooming Box is backordered. Depending on item, shipping times can vary from 5 to 28 days. Please get in touch for item specific information.

Stable & Barn - Small Grooming Box

Small grooming box with detachable lid. Ideal for all those little bits and bobs. Useful for plaiting kits/stud kit, hiding those mints away or for sponge and sweat scraper to stop everything else getting wet.  They’re great for storing your spurs, hairnets and all those little things you don’t want to get lost or dirty.

6L Structofoam© Square Bucket with detachable lid. Lid also hinges to allow easy access. Ideal for storing sponge and sweat scraper, cleaning products, nails/scissors or a small feed.

Designed to fit neatly in the grooming trays. Two small boxes fit side by side per tray.

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