Stable & Barn - Grooming Tray (Standard)



Stable & Barn - Grooming Tray (Standard) is backordered. Depending on item, shipping times can vary from 5 to 28 days. Please get in touch for item specific information.

Stable & Barn - Grooming Tray (Standard)

The standard grooming trays are divided in two. Deep structofoam moulding means this tray can carry a huge amount of grooming kit, sprays and boots/bandages. As with all of our designs the trays are modular and slip on and off the rungs easily. This allows placement on the tack trolley and on the wall racks at any position you need.

We have designed our grooming boxes to neatly fit inside the trays to allow further organisation of all your kit.

Tamsin Addison, our paralympic Irish sponsored Rider, notes it is even perfect to hold your cup of tea in the morning!

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