Stable & Barn - Car Boot Saddle Rack



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Stable & Barn - Car Boot Saddle Rack

Stable & Barn’s latest addition to the range is the super car boot saddle rack. A single frame which can hold any of our saddle rack varieties fits snugly into the boot of most cars. Fitted with an extra welded rung the saddle rack has the ability to be lowered in order to fit under your parcel shelf for safe keeping.  When not in use the boot rack neatly deconstructs and can be placed to the side of the boot to allow lots of room for everything else in life!

The picture shows as an example of a grooming tray fitted into the base of the rack. This is an additional item and not included in the price.

Measuring 59cm High, 47cm Wide and 47cm Deep this boot rack is ideal for even smaller boot spaces.

Made in Britiain (as always!) with powder coated steel this is going to be the only car boot rack you will ever need to buy.

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