Sheepskin Western Seat Saver



This Seat Saver has been specifically designed to improve the comfort levels of all riders. NASA developed slow-recovery "memory" foam is encased in best-quality English suede leather one side and sheepskin the other. Naturally improving your seat and posture, the Seat Saver moulds to your shape to form a perfect fit... once you've ridden on one, you will never want to ride without one!

* High quality hardwearing soft suede outer
* Inner material of specialised slow recovery NASA developed foam
* Foam filling moulds to riders shape
* Instantly improves riders position
* Enhance comfort of any saddle
* Provides additional security for rider
* Assists rider to absorb big movement
* Ideal for long distance riding
* Protects against injury to seat bone area
* Great for back pain sufferers

Comes in two colours! 

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