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LIMITED EDITION Barefoot Physio Ride on Pads



We only have one of each colour available so please contact us before purchasing. The items are due in within 2 weeks. 

Riding without a saddle is now possible without harming your horse! And it is so comfortable!!!

The Barefoot® ‘Ride-on-Pad’ Physio has a special, paddable, velcroed-on underside. It comes with 2 different sets of shims (Rubber Foam and soft PU Foam) which can be inserted into the underside of the pad. The shims ensure spinal clearance and additional protection of the horse’s back.
    We therefore recommend the Barefoot® ‘Ride-on-Pad’ Physio for:
    • older horses
    • horses with visible spinal processes and badly muscled backs
    • heavy riders
    • extremely slim riders

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