Heunetz - Primefeeder including CG Hay Net


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Heunetz - CG Original Round Bale Hay Net M60 - 1.8 x 1.6 Metre 

  • Amazing quality, durable hay nets 
  • Capacity 8-10kg of hay
  • This is how the pros feed their horses hay!

The PrimeFeeder optimises the hay feeding of your horses in the stable. PrimeFeeder is the perfect, cleverly designed and patented folding bracket for CG hay nets mounted on walls or beams in horse stables. The PrimeFeeder can be opened with just one finger. The hay can now be thrown into the rectangular opening. This takes a matter of seconds, and the PrimeFeeder can be closed again even more quickly. Simply press against the front to snap in, and you're good to go! The PrimeFeeder saves space as it sits flat. The net need merely be hung on and you are ready to go. If a net ever breaks, it can be re-ordered from CG Nay Nets in 3 different mesh sizes.
The PrimeFeeder is made from stainless steel and so doesn't rust. The quality is very high since only cutting-edge technology is used in the manufacture. A branded product for demanding horses and riders. The PrimeFeeder is made in Germany.
Capacity: approx. 1 small hay bale or 8 - 10 kg of hay

Please see video here:

Scope of delivery:

1 x PrimeFeeder / stainless steel - rust-free
1 x operating manual
1 x screw and plug kit
1 x CG hay net (30, 45 or 60 mm mesh size or CG two-in-one, reversible with 2 different mesh sizes)


96 cm long (closed)

5.5 cm tall

4.5 cm deep

When open, the PrimeFeeder offers a large, rectangular opening for the hay, which measures 67 x 23 cm!

PrimeFeeder professional hay feeding solution
Durable • Intelligent • Streamlined  • Ssafe

CG hay nets are available in the following mesh sizes
30 mm mesh with 4 mm-thick PPM twine
45 mm mesh with 5 mm-thick PPM twine
60 mm mesh with 5 mm-thick PPM twine


Combinet - Two-in-one Size "S" (surcharge for this net green and black)

Safety notice:
All horse shoes damage the horse. Therefore the hay nets have only been developed and tested for bare hoof horses. We discourage the use of the nets by horses with unnatural hooves, i.e. shod horses. We also discourage their use by horses whose hooves have a diameter smaller than the mesh size.

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