Heunetz - CG Original Round Bale Hay Net - 1.8 x 1.6 Metre - 60mm



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Heunetz - CG Original Extra Large Hay Net - 2.5 x 1.0 Metre 45mm

  • Amazing quality, durable hay nets 
  • NEW! One hay net with two mesh sides - one 45mm and one 60mm
  • Rectangular hay net with 45 mm mesh size
  • Measures 2.5 m by 1.0 m
  • Material: 5 mm rope thickness, knot-free 
  • Capacity around 10-12kg of hay
  • The edges are reinforced and overlocked.

They also offer the following features:
• Net dimensions: 1.5 m wide, 1 m tall
• May horse owners who initially wanted to use our nets in their pastures end up selling their paddock hay racks, as all of the properties of the hay racks are optimised by the hay nets. (in particular reduced consumption and longer feeding time)
• Save approx. 30% hay, as wind and urine are no longer an issue
• Some horses stop coughing, because all of the dust falls from the hay when it is pulled out, meaning that the hay is continually cleaned. For this reason many horse owners no longer wet their hay.
• Indicator as to whether a pasture has a sufficient supply for your herd.
• Horses feed from a suitable, ergonomic head-down position
• 4 mounting points enable feeding from a net that offers resistance and doesn't flap back and forth
• Suitable for mobile use (paddock, pasture or trekking).
• Incredibly easy to mount e.g. between stable beams, trees or pasture fence posts
• Suitable for herds, sturdy and safe
• Promotes social contact within the herd

For all those who cannot decide on a specific mesh size. Now they have a net with both variants. One side has a 45 mm mesh size and the other side has a 60 mm mesh.

With the exclusive suspension and closing system, which is patented by CG Heunetz!!!

Ideal when ponies are feeding from one side and larger animals from the other. Or if the net is to be mounted in front of a stable wall. Adjustable - if you have hay of varying texture, you can simply turn it around and a 60 mm net becomes a 45 mm net.

The net can be easily turned around if you order a set of 4 snap-fits. With just a few simple actions you can switch the net around in a matter of seconds.

1.50 m wide and 1 m tall!

The filling level remains at 1 m. Capacity approx. 10 - 12 kg

We also supply 4 ties in the same material as the hay nets free of charge, allowing you to fasten the hay net indirectly onto a mounting bracket.

This significantly increases the durability of your nets. There are no other hay nets that can be filled quicker or more easily.

Having treated many injured hooves, we are aware of the huge damage caused by all types of horse shoeing. For this reason we have developed and tested our hay nets exclusively for natural i.e. unshod horses. The use of the hay nets with shod horses is therefore at your own risk!

Hay-saving net, feed-saving nets, hay sausage, hay rack, fine-mesh nets - all of these terms are commonly used.

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Safety notice:
All horse shoes damage the horse. Therefore the hay nets have only been developed and tested for bare hoof horses. We discourage the use of the nets by horses with unnatural hooves, i.e. shod horses. We also discourage their use by horses whose hooves have a diameter smaller than the mesh size.

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