Gerd Heuschmann – If Horses Could Speak DVD

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Gerd Heuschmann – If Horses Could Speak DVD

Horses do not make a specific noise when they are in pain and yet with practice it is possible to read their state of health from their face and especially their eyes. One year’s work went into developing the unique 3-D animation which clearly demonstrates where false riding hurts and why.

This DVD shows how incorrect “modern” riding negatively affects horses’ health. Why was this DVD made? Because the horses need a voice! Who made it? Someone who is passionate about the welfare of our horses! This shocking DVD is based on the bestselling book Tug of War by Dr Gerd Heuschmann. Taking over a year to complete and using state of the art graphics this new film takes you further into the horses “riding experience” to show just how specific kinds of movement and posture impacts the horse’s skeleton and musculature.

Complex and spectacular 3D animation shows how the horses limbs, muscles, and ligaments interact at various gaits, as well live examples of horses being ridden and the effect that good or bad riders have on a horse, clearly demonstrating how incorrect ‘modern’ training methods can lead to permanent damage to the horse.

Included are interviews with top professional riders, veterinarians, and academics that specialize in horse anatomy and who show how riders can work positively with the horse’s anatomy rather than against it. This DVD also includes clips of the dark side of competitive horse sports.

Everyone who loves their horses will want to watch this film to understand their horses anatomy and the effects their riding has on it, while this DVD gives us the opportunity to truly understand why we have to return to the classical principles of training horses.

Running time approx 75 mins
NTSC format

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