Stable & Barn - The Wall Rack



Stable & Barn - The Wall Rack is backordered. Depending on item, shipping times can vary from 5 to 28 days. Please get in touch for item specific information.

Stable & Barn - The Wall Rack

Each Wall Rack has capacity to hold 3 separate Saddle Racks. Made with powder coated galvanised steel.

Each Wall Rack comes with 2 hooks for attachment to the wall in your tack room, home or lorry. It also comes with a steel bolt to form the A-Frame. Two Wall Racks bolt neatly together to form the A-Frame which is ideal for holding both Saddle Racks and Bridle Hooks statically in the tack room or at shows. They neatly collapse flat for easy transportation.

Please note this is the purchase of a single wall rack. To form the static frame two individual wall racks will need to be purchased.

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