Distance Saddle Fitting Kit

£250.00 {incl. 20% VAT}


This is very useful if you live a long way from the New Forest. The price of the kit is £250.00. The price includes being sent 1 or 2 black spider-like templates, hire of Port Lewis Impression Pad (including outward postage), and as much email and phone advice as required. You will be sent the template to mould to your horses’ back. Then send them on to Germany to both of our western saddle wholesalers. They will try the template in a number of the trees and saddles. Then either a tree(s) will be sent out to you to try on your horse, or the saddle, to your specification, will be made for you and your horse. Once we have been notified of the saddle(s) being sent I will need full payment for the saddle(s). When you receive the saddle(s) you will be sent the Port Lewis Impression Pad to check for good fit and a selection of saddle pads to try. All excess saddle pads will need to be returned to me in the UK. We have worked this way many times, and it can be quite time-consuming, but the results are well worth waiting for!