I originally contacted Maria In 2015 as I had a Quarter horse who had outgrown his original western saddle which I had purchased from the breeder. Having no idea where to go to purchase another saddle or who to talk to, I found quite by chance, The Western Saddler's web site. Once i spoke with Maria I knew I had made the right choice. Maria was so helpful and didn't mind how many times I emailed, texted or called with numerous questions she was always patient and helpful.

Eventually we managed to arrange a date for her to come and see my beautiful boy Kodah. His back was very sore due to his previous saddle pinching and as he had not been ridden for some time due to saddle. I was rather anxious how he would react to trying out a new saddle as he was still young only 8 years old. Maria was very patient and after trying on several saddle moulds for size and shape Maria had an old saddle for me to try which she thought would fit based on the photos I had sent her. This was a great fit and Kodah loved it so much that he made rather a lot of fuss over Maria to say thank you. I ordered a new version of this saddle which arrived in October 2015 and Kodah and I had some great times.

Unfortunately my story does not end there as my boy had an awful accident in the field in February 2017 and I had to have him put to sleep in May 2017.

At this low point in my life I did not think I ever wanted another horse so my lovely saddle sat in the tack room gathering dust until June 2018 this year. At this point I had purchased a 16 3 (I was told he was 16 1) Clydesdale gelding called Teddy who needed a good home after a rather rough start in life, I inherited bad feet, bad back and a horse that didn't have a lot of faith in humans and had a rather jaundiced view of English saddles.

So I called Maria and gave her my rather sad story. Her answer was "don't worry I will come and take a look and see what can be done" So last month Maria came all the way from Hampshire to Middlesex together with a car full of saddles.

Out came the western saddle onto Teddy's back. I had been dreading this as I was sure there was no way it was going to fit and and I would lose the last bit of my boy. However a miracle happened and neither Maria nor I could believe it the saddle fitted. Maria put it on without the pad then with the pad tried the mould of the saddle and even got up on the saddle to make sure and yes it definitely fitted. At this point we just hugged each other and shed a few tears as well.

The chances of this saddle fitting a Quarter horse and a Clydesdale were so slim I had resigned myself to giving it up. So it just goes to show how versatile western saddles are compared to English/European saddles and maybe just maybe my boy was looking down at me and granted my last wish.

Thank you Maria for all your help and patience and if anyone says western saddle to me I say call Maria at the Western Saddler.you will be so pleased you did.