We ride on Dartmoor in all weather and inevitably, across all types of terrain. Eight years ago Maria came and spent an hour with each horse getting just the right saddle (we have a quarter horse and a part bred Arab with very different needs), and making sure the fit was perfect. The saddles have stayed in excellent shape and remained comfortable for horses and riders so when I got a new young Arab the obvious place to go was back to The Western Saddler to find a western saddle to fit. Maria is a joy to work with, reassuringly concerned to get the detail right and explaining clearly how the fit is specific to my horse’s shape (it was a real eye-opener to realise that my slight young Arab is wider across her shoulders and rib cage than my stocky older quarter horse). I am confident my new horse will be as comfortable in her saddle as our others have been for the past eight years and can’t recommend Maria, her saddles and her saddle fitting highly enough.