I first met Maria over eleven years ago when she came to fit a saddle for my criollo. Maria's gentle and quiet approach was much appreciated as my horse had not had a good start. She took time, she looked and listened with patience and then explained how she was fitting the saddle for my horse. I rode him in a couple of saddles together with different pads until the correct saddle and pad were chosen. I competed and trail rode in that saddle for eight years and my horse never had a problem. Three years ago I needed a saddle for a quarter horse, the above was again true. Also that year I needed a saddle for my American Mammoth Jackstock donkey, they are anatomically not at all easy to achieve a good saddle fit. Maria’s knowledge is fantastic, she allows you to relax knowing that the best is being done for your equine. She again was not hurried and tried the skeleton of various saddles before settling on one and then the pad was carefully selected. Three years on and my donkeys back has got stronger as her work increases with not a flicker of a problem. I cannot recommend Maria highly enough.