Over a year down the line and I'm still very happy with my saddle from TWS. The time Maria took to fit it to my horse was definitely time well spent. Before ordering she came out with a number of different trees to make sure she had the best fit. Once my saddle arrived she came back out to check the fit and advise on the best pad and shimming to ensure my horse was as comfortable as possible. She was extra careful with fit as my horse had some back issues, and took this in to account when advising on which saddle I should have. She watched me ride in the saddle, checking that it wasn't pinching anywhere and spent a long time making sure both she, my horse and I were happy with the fit. I've been on many long trail rides since buying my saddle, and my horse has never shown any sign of soreness, the saddle stays perfectly in place and I've been able to adjust the shimming in the pad Maria recommended to allow for seasonal weight changes. Thanks for a great service Maria Leo and I have really appreciated your knowledge throughout.