When my horses were two year olds I began my saddle research. Having been on a steep re-learning curve since their arrival, having questioned everything I knew previously about horses and figured it was mostly wrong, and not having not bought a saddle for 35 years, I figured I needed help. When there is a serious task to achieve, I strongly believe in hiring a professional person with far more experience than me. And as I researched for a western saddle fitter, all roads led to Maria. I am so very glad I found her.

By fate really, but that’s another story, I have two high-spirited Italian racehorses, now 9 years old; Hoku, a small fine-boned trotter and Hiro, 15.3 Thoroughbred. Hoku is nimble, Hiro highly competitive, both are friendly and fast. Our intention was to trail ride in western saddles.

When I contacted Maria I had been hunting for saddles on the internet for far too long getting nowhere. I realised most saddle sites were trying to sell saddles. What I needed was advice and fitting as well as guidance on what saddles to buy. I did not want to make a mistake, or make do with a saddle that was not quite right. I absolutely did not want to cause the horses any discomfort. The idea was that life with us was kind, safe and fun. Maria was super-helpful from the outset. I told her what I had been looking at and what we hoped to achieve, and she Kindly steered me in the right direction.

Her knowledge and attention to detail is outstanding, I cannot fault any advice she gave me. We worked remotely as we were in Italy at the time. She sent templates which we fitted and shipped to Germany where two Equiflex Little Snake Dance saddles were made. I saddled the horses and we sent video and photographs as the horses moved. A couple of times we had to send a saddle back for adjustment and Maria handled the return shipping swiftly. The standard of work on the saddles is excellent. Beautifully made. In terms of fit, both the horses and riders, Sam and I, are very happy. We have not had a problem. The only issue we discovered when I rode Hoku was a nerve sensitivity which affects his hip and leg movement, which we were then able to work on to help him.
I am delighted with the pads and girths Maria recommended, so comfy and excellent quality. In addition, Maria gave me so much advice and guidance beyond saddle fitting, sharing experience from her many years of ‘natural’ horsemanship, and recommended books, links and good horse-people.
We are all so very glad to have found Maria and have our wonderful saddles. I missed talking to her when all was done, the saddles finished and fitted. We then relocated and are now settled in Spain. Every single day when I enter my lovely new tack room and see the saddles I think of Maria and how fortunate we are to have them.
Photo with trainer Julio Meir https://www.julios-hufpflege.de/pferdetraining/
Hiro being perfect  Helen & Sam with Hiro & Hoku