Mattes Rio Pecos Round Saddle Pad




Mattes Rio Pecos Round Saddle Pad

  • TWS is the longest standing retailer of Mattes western products in the UK.
  • TWS is able to offer you fitting advice with your pad purchase at no extra cost. These are expensive pads, and we want to make sure you buy the correct pad.
  • We are very knowledgeable about which pad is required, and how best to use it. Due to using them regularly during saddlefittings for years, with great results, we have a wealth of practical experience in their usage.
  • Pad advice can be sought from TWS if the pad has been purchased elsewhere. There is a charge of £25.00 for this service.

Western saddlepad – Rio pecos round base pad with detachable panels with Correction® system is made with 100% genuine sheepskin with the addition of wear leathers. The sheepskin panels are detachable from the quilt.

The round pad is a special order item and will take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

This product incorporates our correction® system in the following pocket choices:-

8 pocket = 3 pockets on each side – 1 pocket at the front, 1 pocket in the middle and 1 pocket at the rear on each side. Plus 2 pockets underneath in the base panels – 1 long pocket on each side.

6 pocket = 3 pockets on each side – 1 pocket at the front, 1 pocket in the middle and 1 pocket at the rear on each side.

2 pocket = 1 long pocket on each side.

The 2-, 6-, and 8-pocket pads are supplied with 3 shims per pocket. The pockets can fit up to 6 shims per pocket.

Additional shims may be purchased here.

Which size to order…

Pony Pad – A to B – 65cm, C to D – 36cm, G to H – 70cm
Cob Pad – A to B – 70cm, C to D – 36cm, G to H – 75cm
Full Pad – A to B – 75cm, C to D – 36cm, G to H – 80cm
XL Pad – A to B – 80cm, C to D – 36cm, G to H – 85cm
XXL Pad – A to B – 85cm, C to D – 36cm, G to H – 90cm

If you have a pale coloured horse, please be advised to choose the lighter colour sheepskins, as on occasion the dye has run when wet.

Fading of the wool’s surface is also possible. This is due to the composition of the horses’ sweat, which can be different from horse to horse.

Please see the options here for the various colours available: cotton quiltsheepskinbinding and piping. There is a colour co-ordinator here. You can choose a quilt (or velvet) colour, the wool colour, a binding colour, and up to three piping colours. Please email your choices to: and we will get back to you with a quote. The prices on this site are for pad with any colour quilt and fleece and same colour binding as the quilt. Bindings cost £10.00 extra each and velvet costs £14.60 extra.

Washing & care instructions for Mattes items are here.

Please note, that custom orders take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

The entire Mattes range can be ordered through TWS. 

Additional information


Pony, Cob, Full, XL, XXL


2-pocket, 6-pocket, 8-pocket

Quilt Colour

Black (02), Blue (05), Blueberry (60), Brown (03), Burgundy (04), Champagne (11), Cherry (63), Emerald (68), Graphite (13), Green (07), Grey (06), Lavender (19), Lemon (66), Light Blue (09), Navy (15), Ocean (90), Olive (14), Petrol (58), Raspberry (62), Sand (08), Silver (non-metallic) (48), Taupe (59), Turquoise (18), Violet (52), White (01), Yellow (49), VELVET – Black (82), VELVET – Burgundy (84), VELVET – Champagne (81), VELVET – Cinnamon (86), VELVET – Navy (85), VELVET – Silver (88), VELVET – White (80)

Sheepskin Colour

Black (22), Blackberry (45), Blue (32), Brown (23), Burgundy (24), Cognac (27), Coral (66), Dark Grey (71), Graphite (34), Green (31), Grey (25), Honey (46), Ice Blue (41), Khaki (77), Light Blue (29), Linen (75), Mint (74), Natural (28), Navy (21), Ochre (64), Olive (73), Petrol (78), Pink (26), Platinum (65), Prune (44), Royal Blue (67), Red (33), Sage Green (76), Sand (39), Taupe (47), Titan (79), Whiskey (70), White (30)


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