Mattes Asymmetric Removable Cover Western Cinch


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Mattes Asymmetric Removable Cover Western Cinch

  • TWS is the longest standing retailer of Mattes western products in the UK.
  • TWS is able to offer you fitting advice with your cinch purchase at no extra cost. These are expensive cinches, and we want to make sure you buy the correctly shaped cinch for your horses conformation.
  • We are very knowledgeable about which cinch is required. Due to fitting them regularly during saddlefittings for years, with great results, we have a wealth of practical experience in their usage.

This is a fantastic item for horse comfort as it spreads the weight over the sternum better than most other cinches and is cut back behind the elbow allowing the horse more space for movement than a traditional straight cinch.


PLEASE NOTE: most sizes with black quilt, either black or natural fleece, wider centre panel, and standard cover, are kept in stock. All other colours, standard panel size, and with removable covers, are a custom order and take up to 4 weeks to arrive. If you know what you are looking for though, please do check through the choices on the page here, as stock is updated regularly and we may have what you need.

This cinch comes with the removable cover. If you would like the standard cover version click here. This cinch comes complete with cinch and cover. The cinches and covers are available separately – please contact to order.

This cinch is also a good choice for treeless saddles as you can do this up a little tighter without damaging the muscles over the sternum.

Western cinch girth – Asymmetric – Removable Cover – Complete made with 100% genuine sheepskin and stainless steel cinch buckles. The interior of the cinch girth incorporates Poly-flex® for optimum pressure distribution and a soft edge to protect against chafing whilst allowing freedom of movement in the elbow area. The buckle flap edges are tapered to prevent any pressure ridges. A ‘D’ ring is incorporated for use with a martingale or draw reins.

The wider centre piece measures approximately 15.5cms from front to back. The standard centre piece measures approximately 13.5cm from front to back.

To ensure that the centre of the cinch girth does not twist or curl between the horses elbows, a shaped insert is located in the central pocket. Before washing, the shaped insert should be removed from the pocket and be re-inserted before use.

This cinch girth is extremely cut back in the elbow part, without compromising the pressure distribution on the breastbone. This cinch girth allows for maximum movement of the horse in the elbow region.

Ideal for ponies/horses which requires more freedom of movement in the elbow area due to a more forward girth groove.

If you have a pale coloured horse, please be advised to choose the lighter colour sheepskins, as on occasion the dye has run when wet. Please see the colour charts in the gallery photos, or click the links below.

Fading of the wools‘ surface is also possible. This is due to the composition of the horses’ sweat, which can be different from horse to horse. Velvet wears better than the cotton quilt.

If the size you need is not here, please contact TWS, as Mattes can make any size required.

If you wish to place a custom order, please click on the options here to see the various colours available: cotton quilt and sheepskin.

Washing & care instructions for Mattes items are here.

Please note, that custom orders take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

The entire Mattes range can be ordered through TWS. 

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65cm – 26", 70cm – 28", 75cm – 30", 80cm – 32", 85cm – 34", 90cm – 36", 95cm – 38", 100cm – 40", 105cm – 42"

Quilt Colour

Black (02), Blue (05), Blueberry (60), Brown (03), Burgundy (04), Champagne (11), Cherry (63), Emerald (68), Graphite (13), Green (07), Grey (06), Lavender (19), Lemon (66), Light Blue (09), Navy (15), Ocean (90), Olive (14), Petrol (58), Raspberry (62), Sand (08), Silver (non-metallic) (48), Taupe (59), Turquoise (18), Violet (52), White (01), Yellow (49)

Sheepskin Colour

Black (22), Blackberry (45), Blue (32), Brown (23), Burgundy (24), Cognac (27), Coral (66), Dark Grey (71), Graphite (34), Green (31), Grey (25), Honey (46), Ice Blue (41), Khaki (77), Light Blue (29), Linen (75), Mint (74), Natural (28), Navy (21), Ochre (64), Olive (73), Petrol (78), Pink (26), Platinum (65), Prune (44), Royal Blue (67), Red (33), Sage Green (76), Sand (39), Taupe (47), Titan (79), Whiskey (70), White (30)

Centre Panel Size

Standard 13.5cm, Wide 15.5cm


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