Port Lewis Impression Pad

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Port Lewis Impression Pad

High pressure points under the saddle can restrict horses’ movement and lead to tissue damage, atrophy and pain. The Port Lewis Impression Pad will show you, within an hour, how (and where) your saddle is impacting on your horses’ back. The Port Lewis Pad can be used under English treed saddles, treeless saddles and western saddles.

Use an Impression Pad underneath your current saddle to map pressure points; test new saddles before you purchase to ensure a proper fit; or use the pad to verify results after your saddle has been reflocked. Please be warned though, if your saddle fits but you are unbalanced, crooked, or otherwise ride in a way that is uncomfortable for the horse the Port Lewis Impression Pad can give a false negative reading. Research has been done to show that a saddle with an effective quiet rider in gives a lovely reading, but with not such a quiet rider in can give a whole new impression. I can assess whether the impression patterns are coming from the saddle fit or your riding. I can recommend an instructor local to me for one half-hour lesson that will improve your position no end.

The Port Lewis Impression Pad (Patent Pending) is made from clear flexible vinyl and contains a mouldable putty that provides you with a 3-dimensional view of saddle pressure. Just place it on your horse’s back, saddle up and go for a 30 minute ride. As you ride, the putty will displace itself in response to the pressure the saddle places on your horse’s back.

The pad is very durable and reusable. Simply flatten with a rolling pin, or leave in a flat place, then use again and again. The pad must be left to cool in between rides or the glue holding the tabs will start to soften and the Velcro will slip.

I offer the Port Lewis Pad for sale or hire. Hire charge is £30 for one week. While hiring, I encourage you to share the pad with anyone at your yard who is interested in learning more about how their saddle fits their horse. If you have any queries, or you would like me to come and assess your saddle with or without the pad I charge £75.00 consultation and £0.55 pence per mile.

If you run a training yard with multiple horses or even if you just have one horse, the cost of hiring or buying the pad can save you thousands by avoiding the purchase of an ill-fitting saddle or using a saddle that can cause long term physical problems for you horse. If you purchase a pad it will mean that you will have a pad a your disposal all the time and can check your saddle fit on a regular basis to ensure that throughout the seasons and varying work levels that your horse is 100% comfortable. Many customers have also gone on to hire out their pads.