Mattes Cinch & Girth Product Information

Mattes Cinch & Girth Product Information

MATTES®-Contoured-Saddle-Girth Design with „SOFT-EDGE“, anatomically, asym- metrically, or crescent shaped Girths and Athletico-Girths

Many horses are very sensitive in the sternum area, resulting very often, in problems when saddling as well while riding.
We have realized, during our long term stu- dies, that many girths are not really functional, in some cases even with adverse effect! Many girths look correctly designed but are in effect outright wrong. Others are obviously faulty in design. One of the basic problems we found, was, that the pressure distribution on the ster- num was ineffective. The pressure is actually only concentrated along the center line on the sternum, sometimes only about 2 – 3 cm wide.

The MATTES®-Contoured-Saddle-Girth is made of a system of internal straps working against a plastic center piece, resulting in absolutely equal pressure distribution on the sternum. The textile structure allows good fle- xibility despite a relatively rigid construction. There is also the chafing problem in the elbow area, with barrel shaped horses, where the girth has a tendency to slip forward. Gene- rally a contoured girth with a narrow waist in the elbow area is ideal in this case. Additional SOFT-EDGE with LAMBSKIN result in an ide- al product.

Specifically for strongly barrel shaped horses, we have developed our Crescent-Girth, which is extremely cut back in the elbow area to allow free elbow movement without any hin- drance. This girth is devised, so that the rear part is wider than the front part, to ascertain that the greater bulk in the rear can be accom- modated, this way the girth loses its tendency to slip forward.

This girth was developed, because we were constantly approached by horse owners with horses with beginning or already chronic “Equine Sarcoid” in the elbow area.

For horses with an athletic, wedge shaped body, we have designed the Athletico-Girth. In most cases, this girth prevents the saddle from slipping backwards!

Detailed information about the cinches:

Anatomical cinch

For horses with good conformation. The elbow section is cut back to allow extra room for the elbow movement.

Asymmetric cinch

For horses with more bulge below and
a wide ribcage and/or with an awkward girth groove. The deeper recess in the elbow area allows even more clearance for the elbow, than the Anatomic girth. The cut back section must point forward!

Crescent cinch

Specifically designed to fit horses with a narrow front and a bulging ribcage starting directly behind the elbow. Often to be found in short backed horses (typical for Arab mares) where other girths don’t give enough room. The Crescent girth is cut in a way that it opens to the rear in the sides and below to accommodate the far forward reaching bulge. Most of these horses do not have an appreciable or no girth groove at all.

Attention: There is a label with di- rection indicator. Always place the girth according to the label.

Athletico cinch

This girth has a specific fit adapted to horses with an athletic, wedge shaped body. The saddle has a tendency to slip backwards, also pulling the girth backwards, because all the lines of the horse’s body: back, ribcage and sternum to belly taper towards the rear. So, instead of opening to the rear this girth simply opens to the front, to a degree. Naturally, the internal construction is essential for the function of the girth! We developed this design, because this specific problem was pointed out to us by several riders and horse owners on quite a few jumpers and        specifically in eventing horses!

Please see picture below for different horse conformation in relation to the different cinch shapes Mattes sell:

Mattes Horse Cinch Shape